Vice: The Drink That 'Gets You Tipsy with No Hangover'

Vice: The Drink That 'Gets You Tipsy with No Hangover'

For many, having a lovely frosty pint is one of life’s great pleasures.

That is, until they drink many more than one frosty pint, feel absolutely horrendous the next day, wracked with beer fear and memory loss, and enter that near-fugue state that makes it very hard to properly use any of your limbs. This also feels like a good place to mention that, according to the World Health Organisation, booze is responsible for 3 million deaths a year globally.

But what if all that could go away? What if a non-toxic, non-addictive drug could keep you at that sweet spot where you suddenly get really good at making conversation, or bowling, or karaoke? (This is somewhere between the two and three-pint mark, by the way: when you’ve decided to stay out, but you’re still a few pints away from going in on a gram on a work night.)

Professor David Nutt, a leading psychopharmacologist, has been working on reducing the harms of alcohol for 30 years.

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