Sentia Brief Mood Introspection Scale Volunteer Study

Sentia Brief Mood Introspection Scale Volunteer Study - Sentia Spirits

Major Development

A unique, truly function liquid, Sentia has been three years in the making. Designed by a team of innovators comprising world-leading Scientists and Plant Craftsmen, utilizing a pioneering production process.

  • Identifying the individual plants which offer the desired effects.
  • Designing specific plant combinations to optimize blend performance.
  • Learning the best extraction and preservation methods.

Group participants were tested on the Brief Mood Introspection Scale (BMIS), the State-trait anxiety inventory 6 (STAI-6) and the self-constructed visual analogue scales (VASs) at baseline (pre-drink) and three timepoints after drinking (15 minutes, 30 minutes, & 60 minutes).

The BMIS and STAI were subject to paired t-tests, while the VASs were assessed using 1 way ANOVA with the factor time (baseline, 15, 30 and 60 minutes) with post-hoc t-tests comparing baseline to all post-drink timepoints (Bonferroni corrected).

Results demonstrate a significant increase in – Pleasant mood (t(21)= -2.88, p= 0.009). Relaxation (t(21)= 3.54, p= 0.002). Contentedness (F(3,63) = 4.64, p = 0.005). Energized ( F(3,63) = 5.46, p = 0.002). Floaty/buzzy ( F(3,63) = 6.72, p < 0.001). And a significant decrease in – Anxiety (t(21)= 2.68, p= 0.014). Irritability (F(3,63) = 11.15, p < 0.001). Statically significant results were achieved within < 15 minutes.

Results remained significant beyond 30 minutes and by 60 minutes, volunteers had returned to normal on all the scales except their irritability, which remained reduced.