What’s Black and White and RED All Over?.... SENTIA in the Press!

What’s Black and White and RED All Over?.... SENTIA in the Press!

Dry January is now over and whether you took part or not, it’s likely you spotted SENTIA making a splash with a headline or two in the press. Having dedicated the last six years to researching a viable alternative to alcohol, we’re incredibly proud to have been featured across the likes of The Times, The Spirits Business, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Mail Online, Wonderland,  The Guardian, Women’s Health and iNews (to name a few) in the last month.

However, it isn’t’ simply the column inches that have got us all stirred up. We have been blown away by the response to, and interest in, the science behind the spirit. Out mission at GABA Labs has always been to change the face of social drinking, led by renowned British neuropsychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt, a prominent force for change in the alcohol space over the past 20 years.

Last year 6.5million people took part in Dry January, almost doubling the number who took part in 2020 and in a recent survey that we commissioned, we discovered that 4 in 10 UK adults have tried to give up or cut out alcohol, with 59% citing health as the primary consideration. But because alcohol has been ingrained and accepted in society for centuries, along with enhancing how we connect and socialise, abstaining proves incredibly challenging.



To quote Professor David Nutt: “We realised that we needed to offer a viable alternative to alcohol and a practical ‘solution’ for the increasing number of more mindful drinkers globally, who would like to enjoy the upsides of alcohol, without the alcohol. We need to think bigger than a flavoured fake gin and believe we have done that thanks to years of research into a viable alternative to alcohol that we hope will reshape what the future of drinking looks like.

2023 is the year that will see the ‘No and Low space’ expand into interesting territory, where abstaining from alcohol is no longer a conscious decision to ‘go without.’ But instead, a space evolving in innovation to a functional sector where mindful drinkers can ‘opt in’ and socialise with sophisticated drinks choices that add proved holistic benefits to their wellbeing.

GABA Labs has imagined this inevitable shift towards healthier alcohol-free drinking for some time. We are thrilled to have pioneered the world-first, scientifically proved GABAergic range of spirits, offering the upsides people seek from alcohol, without the alcohol itself.”

With the ‘functional’ drinks’ sector receiving more and more media attention and consumer interest, we’re thrilled that SENTIA is part of the conversation and driving an important shift change in our behaviour towards alcohol. In short, alcohol – ethanol – is old technology and we believe that understanding GABA can help transform disrupt social drinking as we know for the better, which is why this media attention is so valued by our team.