The Women Who Made Sentia Possible
With greater inclusion of women in alcohol-related research, it has become apparent that women are at increased risk of acute effects. To better protect women from these harms, it is time for our dialogue around alcohol use to change.
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SENTIA and Proof Drinks sign Distribution Agreement
The Social Drinks Company Ltd, owners of the SENTIA brand and Proof Drinks Ltd have signed a long-term agreement for the sole UK distribution of SENTIA.SENTIA is the next generation of feel-good alcohol-alternative drinks, for conscious consumers who want to...
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CBD vs Gaba Drink Sentia
GABA Labs have accumulated decades of research and expertise into the study of GABA and its effects on the brain. In a few decades’ time there will no doubt be a gang of experts who’ve done the same for endocannabinoids, we’re just not there yet.
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The True GABA Drink
Sentia contains compounds that pass from your intestines and into your blood—and compounds that help that happen. The real magic is how these substances then trigger the release of GABA in your brain. It’s your brain that creates the GABA that matters.
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