‘GABA GABA Hey!’ The Neurotransmitter of Connection, Communication and Creativity  - Professor David Nutt talks ‘connection and creativity cocktail’ and how biohacking your GABA nerve system can help us come together and connect with our inner muse-
You and me baby aint nothin’ but mammals? Humans are uniquely positioned in the animal kingdom when it comes to our ability to express our feelings and ideas. A dog can express unconditional love to its owners—or, if you’re a...
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Professor David Nutt Marks Stress Awareness Month with ‘GABA-Raising’ Tips to Take the Edge Off - Responding to the stresses of life is the engine of evolution, so why are we turning to old methods that make us feel worse?
April 2023: Stress is an inevitable part of life. Whether it's work related, financial worries, or personal issues, stress affects everyone at some point. In the UK, stress is a growing problem, with 74% of adults experiencing ‘overwhelming stress’ in...
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The Mother of All Bonds
‘The Mother of All Bonds': Is there a scientific explanation behind why some mothers bond more quickly with their baby? How does GABA Play a role? Plus six steps mothers can take to activate more GABA in their brain after...
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