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Sentia Red

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Sentia is a next generation alcohol free drink designed to make drinking great again through plant alchemy and Gaba science.

A truly breakthrough alcohol-alternative comprising proprietary plant-based technology from the science team at GABA Labs. Sentia enhances GABA activity, which is linked to sociability and conviviality and reduced anxiety.

Using Ayurvedic, Western and Traditional Chinese botanicals, Sentia offers discerning adult drinkers the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.

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Sentia Red's ingredients enhance your brains natural GABA, which produces a mild sense of lightness and relaxation.

Hint of sensual florals, gentian, tulsi and aronia with a long, rich bittersweet spiced berry finish, like a cross between a bloody mary and mulled wine.

Filtered Water, Concentrates of Blackberry & Aronia*, Agave*, GABA Labs Proprietary Blend, Hibiscus infusion*, Botanical & Spice extracts (including Damiana, Rose*, Hawthorn, Tulsi* & Gentian), Acid: Malic Acid, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, 5-HTP.

* - organically sourced

Just Right

There is that magical second drink, where you feel confident, luminous, and positively social.

Then there’s the third and fourth drink, and how you feel the next day.

Sentia offers you that just-right feeling without the hangover, overindulgence, or “should have.”

Find your moment—and keep it.

Alcohol Free Spirit Drink by Sentia SpiritsSentia Spirit Drink Alcohol Free for Relaxation

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About Us

Learn more about Sentia, how it works, and why the team at GABA Labs developed this breakthrough Alcohol Free Botanical Spirit technology.

Also, meet key members of our team who head up the development and design of Sentia.

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Alcohol Free Spirits

Sentia is an alcohol free spirit by The Social Drinks Company that activates your brain's all-natural GABA, producing feelings of lightness, relaxation, and socialbility.

A truly breakthrough alcohol-alternative comprising proprietary plant-based technology from the science team at GABA Labs.