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About Sentia

The who, what, where, and why of all things Sentia!
What is Sentia?
Crafted with Science

Sentia is a plant-based alcohol-free spirit containing a proprietary blend of 'Botanical GABAergic Ingredients' created at GABA Labs

It is safe, tested, and health conscious alternative for recreational drinking.

Why Create Sentia?
Feel Good Drinking

For most people, drinking is about getting together, letting loose and celebrating life.

We wondered, what if we could have that feeling of release while staying in control, and without ethanol.

This is Sentia. No regret. No more compromise.

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How Sentia Works
Enhance your GABA

Sentia’s blend of comprising proprietary plant-based technology enhances GABA activity in the brain, producing a sense of lightness and relaxation.

Capture the moment and keep it.

Plant Alchemy + GABA Science

Professor David Nutt

Prof. David Nutt and his team at GABA Labs created Sentia's GABA enhancing plant based technology.

Vanessa Jacoby

Botanical Alchemist and Plant Craft specialist Vanessa Jacoby developed Sentia's complex botanical mixture.