We're stirring up social drinking once again with a NEW mood enhancing spirit in our range

We're stirring up social drinking once again with a NEW mood enhancing spirit in our range

Our Chief Science Officer, Professor David Nutt, and his team at GABA Labs have launched a second mood enhancing variant, SENTIA Black.

On the discovery that the GABA neurotransmitter (which produces relaxed and sociable sensations) is at the heart of the ‘good’ alcohol experience, GABA Labs has pioneered its next botanical blend, SENTIA Black, a powerful plant-based formula whose ingredients alchemize GABA activity in the brain.

With science and innovation at the heart of GABA Lab’s work, and renowned British neuropsychopharmacologist, Professor David Nutt, leading the science; SENTIA was designed to produce those light, relaxed and positively social feelings that drinkers’ have positively associated with alcohol for centuries, without the downsides.

SENTIA’s ‘Science of Conviviality’ means GABA Labs understands how to tap into that two-drink feeling. But drinking alcohol isn’t a one-dimensional experience. We use alcohol to relax, to liven up, to connect, to socialise and to reduce inhibitions, therefore its science-based solutions have been designed to suit distinct moods.

• Mood: Designed to help you relax, connect, and harmonize
• Moment: SENTIA Red is perfect for after-work intimate drinks and to wind-down for the weekend
• Taste: Sweet heady aromatics, rich herbal complexity, and bittersweet spiced berries.
• Serve: Enjoy 25ml neat, over ice, with a premium tonic and an orange garnish or in a sophisticated cocktail.

• Mood: Designed to stimulate the release of GABA for focus and conviviality
• Moment: SENTIA Black is for that lunchtime moment, or after-hours gathering, think socialising at a bar with your most stylish friends
• Taste: Intense spiced pepper warmth, earthy body and smoky bitter finish
• Serve: Enjoy 25ml neat, over ice, with a soda, ginger beer, or in a sophisticated cocktail.

Thanks to both liquids’ rich and complex flavours, both SENTIA RED or BLACK can be enjoyed neat on the rocks, with a premium tonic or in a sophisticated serve, meaning that raising a glass of SENTIA hits your sweet spot, without hitting you with a hangover.

• Has no refined sugar, and uses natural sweetener, agave, to enhance its taste
• Is jam-packed with antioxidants due to its 11 herbal ingredients
• Has under 10 calories per serving – in comparison to the 110 calories in a standard shot of gin
• SENTIA Black has 6.5cals per 25ml serve and SENTIA Red has 9cals per 25ml serve
• Vegan, Gluten free, Fair Trade, GM Free, 65% organic and zero allergens

Professor David Nutt said: “Humans are social beings. We need to relax and unwind together and abstaining from alcohol should not have to mean ‘going without.’ We want mindful drinkers to be able to ‘opt in’ and socialise with sophisticated drinks choices that bring the proven benefits of relaxation to their wellbeing.

GABA Labs has imagined an inevitable move towards a functional alcohol-free generation of drinks for some time, and we are thrilled to have pioneered the world-first, scientifically proven GABAergic range of spirits, offering the upsides people seek from alcohol, without the alcohol itself.

Being able to offer customers a different drinking experience based on whether they choose to drink SENTIA Red, designed to help you connect and harmonise, versus our brand-new format, SENTIA Black which offers focus and conviviality, is incredibly exciting for us, for adult social drinkers and for the evolution of alcohol alternatives across the board.”