How Sentia Makes You Feel

How Sentia Makes You Feel - Sentia Spirits

Firstly, what is GABA?

Gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is a naturally occurring substance that acts as a neurotransmitter in your brain.

Like neurotransmitters that get far more fanfare (dopamine and serotonin, for instance), GABA has specific functions and is responsible for producing effects that make you feel calm, social, and happy.

GABA is especially active midway through that second drink, where everything you say and feel starts to “click.” We tend to call this phenomenon “being tipsy.”

Our understanding of how GABA interacts with other neurotransmitters and helps maintain mood and happiness, continues to improve. And these scientific advances are coinciding with increased interest in health-conscious options beyond ethanol.

Enter GABA LABS...

and the science behind Sentia's Botanical Spirit.

GABA LABS provides alcohol alternatives that offer the same “feel good” sensation of moderate drinking without the side-effects, health complications or risk of having “too much.”

By studying the science of drinking, GABA LABS was able to identify the desired effect and, using extracts from food-grade plants, create a proprietary blend of Active Botanical Ingredients (ABI) that enhance GABA activity.

GABA is especially active during the phenomenon we call “being tipsy,” where everything you say and feel starts to “click.” along with relaxation and sociability.

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