Stylist: Is this alcohol-free spirit the future of drinking?

Stylist: Is this alcohol-free spirit the future of drinking?

Sentia Spirits was recently featured on Stylist, here are a few of the many good bits from the article:

The Drink

This dark red, booze-free spirit from The Social Drinking Company claims to make you feel more relaxed and sociable – actually tipsy, even – thanks to its top-secret proprietary blend of “active botanical ingredients” designed by a team of scientists at GABA Labs.

These ingredients specifically target the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptors in the brain, our main calming neurotransmitter. When we drink alcohol, it targets and enhances the GABA system, making us feel more relaxed and sociable.

The Experiment

I poured myself a double Sentia and coke and found it tasted exactly as it says it does, “like a cross between a Bloody Mary and a mulled wine.” It’s very floral, with a bittersweetness and slightly spiced after taste. Particularly mixed with coke, it’s quite A LOT on the senses. Think Winter Wonderland.

Within 10-15 minutes, I definitely felt more relaxed, even “floaty”. My housemate told me I had “drunk eyes” and got involved herself. We both agreed it gives your eyes that soft focus and makes you react a bit slower when you move your head. Clearly, I’d forgotten what tipsy feels like.

Feeling content, I poured another Sentia with coke, then later a third with tonic, and was both pleasantly surprised and relieved to find that the floaty feeling had plateaued. And, of course, there were zero after effects the morning after.

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