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How Sentia Makes You Feel - Sentia Spirits
Firstly, let's talk about GABA GABA—short for Gamma-aminobutyric acid—is an amino acid that has been around longer than life itself. Once life got to the party, GABA was a crucial ingredient in the primordial soup, first helping to generate energy...
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Vice News: The Drink That 'Gets You Tipsy with No Hangover' - Sentia Spirits
For many, having a lovely frosty pint is one of life’s great pleasures. That is, until they drink many more than one frosty pint, feel absolutely horrendous the next day, wracked with beer fear and memory loss, and enter that near-fugue state that makes it very hard to properly use any of your limbs..
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Sentia Brief Mood Introspection Scale Volunteer Study - Sentia Spirits
Major Development A unique, truly function liquid, Sentia has been three years in the making. Designed by a team of innovators comprising world-leading Scientists and Plant Craftsmen, utilizing a pioneering production process. Identifying the individual plants which offer the desired...
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